Deer Wintering Areas

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Publication Date: 20180330
Title: Deer Wintering Areas
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Abstract: The polygons mapped in this GIS data set delineate the location of each candidate DWA as accurately as possible given available information at the time they were created; however, consultation with an MDIFW Regional Biologist is strongly advised for a final determination of the boundaries and current habitat quality of any specific area. For any mapped habitat, a field determination by the MDIFW Regional Biologist takes precedence over the mapped polygon.   A deer wintering area (DWA) is defined as a forested area used by deer when snow depth in the open/hardwoods exceeds 12 inches, deer sinking depth in the open/hardwoods exceeds 8 inches and mean daily temperatures are below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Non-forested wetlands, non-stocked clear-cuts, hardwood types, and stands predominated by eastern larch are included within the DWA only if less than 10 acres in size. Agricultural and development areas within DWAs are excluded regardless of size. Evaluation (rating procedure): Deer wintering areas are evaluated based on three criteria: 1) quality of softwood shelter, 2) intensity of deer use, and 3) size. Information on the quality of softwood shelter and intensity of deer use are based on ground survey plots within the final boundary of the DWA being evaluated. The acreage of the DWA is determined after the final outline of the DWA has been drawn. This dataset includes DWAs in organized townships that are candidate Significant Wildlife Habitat under Maine's Natural Resources Protection Act as mapped by MDIFW Regional Biologists. Currently all DWAs are rated as indeterminate.
Purpose: Deer wintering areas (DWAs) in organized townships that are CANDIDATE Significant Wildlife Habitat under Maine's Natural Resources Protection Act as mapped by Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Regional Biologists.
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Beginning Date: 20180330
Ending Date: 20180330
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Use Constraints: Currently, all DWAs in this dataset are rated as indeterminate in reference to their status as Significant Wildlife Habitats (SWHs) pursuant to the Maine Natural Resources Protection Act (38 M.R.S., §480-B(10)) and SWH Rules (06-096 CMR Ch. 335, 09-137, CMR Ch. 10). Users are responsible for using this data as intended. Do not use this GIS dataset at scales below 1:6,000. To ensure that this GIS dataset is the most current version available, access it directly from the Maine Office of GIS (MEGIS) or from an MDIFW webservice.  Providing public access to wildlife habitat data is not intended as a substitute for consultation with MDIFW staff regarding permit applications or environmental reviews.
Data Set Credit: Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
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Metadata Date: 20180330
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