Orthoimagery 2016 - Maine

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Title: Orthoimagery 2016 - Maine
Online Linkage: https://gis2.maine.gov/arcgis/rest/services/megis/ortho2016ImgSvc/ImageServer
Abstract: Image Service | OGC WCS | OGC WMS | KMZ | Tile DownloadMaine Statewide Orthoimagery Project.  All imagery was collected during the 2016 Spring flying season during leaf-off conditions for deciduous vegetation in the State of Maine. The sun angle was at 30-degrees or greater, and streams were within their normal banks. During the flight planning and acquisition, a significant effort was made to limit clouds, snow, fog, haze, smoke, or other ground obscuring conditions in the imagery. In no case does the maximum cloud cover exceed 5% per image. Within the immediate areas of power plants, factories, or controlled agricultural burns some steam or smoke and/or shadows may be visible on imagery.
Purpose: The Maine GeoLibrary Board has developed a statewide, 5-year, rotating orthoimagery acquisition program for Maine to facilitate state, regional and local government GIS base mapping in an efficient and cost effective program.
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