Maine Economic Summary Area 2003 GeoLibrary

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Title: Maine Economic Summary Area 2003 GeoLibrary
Geospatial Data Presentation Form: vector digital data
Abstract: Depicts Economic Summary Areas and Districts, at 1:24000 scale, for Maine. The Maine State Planning Office (MESPO) created the dataset, using METWP24 to attribute polygons with economic summary area and district names. These areas and districts have been used historically by the MESPO to report retail sales (quarterly).
Purpose: Depicts Economic Summary Areas and Districts, at 1:24000 scale, for Maine.
Spatial Domain:
Bounding Coordinates:
West Bounding Coordinate: -71.151899
East Bounding Coordinate: -66.849536
North Bounding Coordinate: 47.460077
South Bounding Coordinate: 42.971017
Theme Keyword Thesaurus: None
Theme Keyword: society
Theme Keyword: retail sales
Theme Keyword: economic summary areas
Theme Keyword: economic summary districts
Theme Keyword: economy
Theme Keyword Thesaurus: ISO 19115 Topic Categories
Theme Keyword: economy
Theme Keyword: society
Place Keyword Thesaurus: None
Place Keyword: maine
Access Constraints: None
Use Constraints: Users must assume responsibility in determining the usability of this data for their purposes. Digital maps retain the accuracy of their source materials. The best use of data mapped at scales of 1:500,000 and 1:250,000 is in statewide planning and studies; at 1:100,000 in regional planning and studies; at 1:62,500 and 1:24,000 in detailed studies and local planning; and at 1:12,000 and 1:5,000 or larger scales in parcel level studies and detailed local planning. In the use of Maine GIS data, please check sources, scale, accuracy, currentness and other available information. Please confirm that you are using the correct copy of both data and metadata from the Maine GIS Data Catalog. Updates, corrections, and feedback, incorporated in the Maine GIS database are made in accordance with "Data Standards for Maine Geographic Information Systems", 2002, and coordinated by MEGIS.
Data Set Credit: Maine State Planning Office, MEGIS. Credit should always be given to the data source and originator when the data is transferred or printed.
Native Data Set Environment: Microsoft Windows 7 Version 6.1 (Build 7601) Service Pack 1; Esri ArcGIS
Spatial Data Organization Information:
Direct Spatial Reference Method: Vector
Point and Vector Object Information:
SDTS Terms Description:
SDTS Point and Vector Object Type: GT-polygon composed of chains
Point and Vector Object Count: 6573
Entity and Attribute Information:
Detailed Description:
Entity Type:
Entity Type Label: esa03
Entity Type Definition: polygon feature class
Entity Type Definition Source: Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI)
Attribute Label: SHAPE
Attribute Definition: Feature geometry.
Attribute Definition Source: ESRI
Attribute Domain Values:
Unrepresentable Domain: Coordinates defining the features.
Attribute Label: ES_DIST
Attribute Definition: economic summary district (ESD)
Attribute Definition Source: Maine State Planning Office (MEPSO)
Attribute Label: TAG
Attribute Label: CNTYCODE
Attribute Definition: Code corresponds to the federal (FIPS) code established for each of Maine's sixteen counties. The county code is also represented in the first two digits of Maine's official "Standard Geographic Code (geocode) a five digit code that uniquely identifies minor civil divisions and indian reservations in the Maine.
Attribute Definition Source: National Bureau of Standards
Attribute Label: OBJECTID
Attribute Definition: Internal feature number.
Attribute Definition Source: ESRI
Attribute Domain Values:
Unrepresentable Domain: Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.
Attribute Label: TOWNCAPS
Attribute Definition: Upper case equivalent of TOWN name
Attribute Definition Source: "Standard Geographic Codes for Maine Minor Civil Divisions" (July 1971)
Attribute Label: SHAPE.AREA
Attribute Label: ES_AREA
Attribute Label: ISLAND
Attribute Label: GlobalID
Attribute Label: GEOCODE
Attribute Definition: 5 character code corresponding to the "Standard Geographic Code for Maine Counties and Minor Civil Divisions", 1971
Attribute Definition Source: "Standard Geographic Codes for Maine Minor Civil Divisions" (July 1971)
Attribute Label: SHAPE.LEN
Attribute Label: GEOCODENUM
Overview Description:
Entity and Attribute Overview:
ESA2003 is attributed with the following items: CNTYCODE, GEOCODE, NAME, ES_DIST, ES_AREA
Entity and Attribute Detail Citation: The ArcView shapefile and ArcGIS geodatabase formats, commonly used for Maine GIS data, carry default identifiers and attributes that are software generated and/or important for internal recordkeeping. These are listed here to avoid repetition for every layer, and may not be repeated in the attribute descriptions and definitions of each layer. Common software generated identifiers and attributes in Maine GIS data include: FID (feature identifier), Shape (feature geometry), OBJECTID and SHAPE_lengt. In addition, most GIS formats will carry fields for PERIMETER, AREA and/or LENGTH according to feature geometry. These fields are typically available by default, with the units based on coordinate system or projection units of GIS data. Most GIS software packages also provide a means to calculate these values. It is important to test any columns containing PERIMETER, AREA or LENGTH values before using them for analysis purposes. These important values can be carried from format to format and become out-dated. Verify that the values are correct. Also, in your GIS software, please view the properties of data layers for the map units used to calculate these fields, and for the units set for display purposes.
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Distribution Liability: See access and use constraints information.
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Format Name: SDE Feature Class
Metadata Reference Information:
Metadata Date: 20160929
Metadata Contact:
Metadata Standard Name: FGDC Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Metadata Standard Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998
Metadata Time Convention: local time