Roseate Tern Essential Habitat

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Publication Date: 20180330
Title: Roseate Tern Essential Habitat
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Abstract: Essential Wildlife Habitats are areas currently or historically providing physical or biological features essential to the conservation of an endangered or threatened species in Maine and which may require special management considerations. As required under the Maine Endangered Species Act, a state agency or municipal government shall not permit, license, fund or carry out projects that will significantly alter an Essential Habitat or violate protection guidelines adopted for the habitat. Landowners, project planners, municipalities or state agencies considering a project in or near an Essential Habitat should immediately contact an MDIFW Regional Wildlife Biologist for assistance. Essential Wildlife Habitat pertains only to definitions under Maine's endangered species laws (12 MRSA, Chapter 713, Subchapter V, Sections 7754 and 7755-A) and regulations (MDIFW Rules, Chapter 8.05). Information about and mapped locations of other endangered and threatened species habitats, "Significant Wildlife Habitat" (38 MRSA, Chapter 3, Subchapter 1, Section 480-B).   Roseate tern (ROST) essential habitat (EH) focuses on nesting areas to maintain breeding habitat and prevent disturbance that may cause nesting failure.  A "Nesting Area" is a locality encompassing all or part of an island used by at least one pair of nesting roseate terns.  "Nesting" means the presence of one or more nests, eggs, chicks, or pairs of territorial adult terns between May 15 and August 15.  To be identified and mapped as EH, the nest area must: (a) have a record of at least one pair of nesting ROST since 1930; (b) have suitable habitat as indicated by the presence of nesting common, arctic, or roseate terns in at least any 3 years since 1976; and (c) be considered essential to the achievement of MDIFW's management goals and objectives for roseate terns.
Purpose: Roseate Tern nesting areas identified and mapped as Essential Habitat by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW).
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Beginning Date: 20180330
Ending Date: 20180330
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Use Constraints: These data represent various fish and wildlife habitats used for permit review by authorized state agencies. These data are not comprehensive across the entire landscape and are derived from a variety of sources; refer to individual dataset metadata for more information. Note: these data do not include rare species observations; please consult with MDIFW staff regarding rare species information.   These data are provided by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife solely for individual use or the use of a company or agency for the purpose stated. Boundaries may change as additional survey data become available. The designation of essential habitats is an ongoing process, where sites may be added, deleted and/or revised following public rulemaking. As a result, information and maps will be periodically updated. To be certain the most current essential habitat maps and documents are consulted, users are advised to carefully monitor update notices and version dates. Landowners, project planners, municipalities or state agencies considering a project in or near an Essential Habitat should immediately contact an MDIFW Regional Wildlife Biologist for assistance.
Data Set Credit: Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
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Metadata Date: 20180330
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