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Abstract: Marine Worms 2005 - Data based on interviews with commercial marine bait worm harvesters and site visits carried out between October 2004 and May 2005. Information was compiled on a 1:24000 base and screen digitized from original paper documents. Areas represented are known harvest locations and those areas that historically have sustained significant populations of the two annelid worm species, Nereis virens (sand worm) and Glycera dibranchiata (blood worm). The habitat delineated is primarily mixed and fine grained sediment which can be categorized as predominantly intertidal mud flats. Site specific studies associated with this mapping are documented in Atherton, Chen, and Thayer, unpublished.Thomas Atherton, Yong Chen, and Peter Thayer, unpublished . “A Comprehensive Study of Maine's Baitworm Industry". Submitted in 2005 to Maine Department of Marine Resources in fulfillment of contract #804291.
Purpose: Data on the locations of marine worm populations.
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